Our global BSM community event unifying supply chain, procurement, IT, finance, and treasury to make every dollar spent more effective and sustainable.


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Thank You For Joining Us

Our global BSM community came together to make Coupa Inspire 2023 our biggest ever! We were thrilled to have so many join us for such an invaluable and informative collaboration. We can’t wait to see you next year!


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Unique Learning Opportunities


Days of Networking and Peer Connections


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Raja Hammoud Headshot

Raja Hammoud

EVP, Products

Chandar Pattabhiram Headshot

Chandar Pattabhiram

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim Peake Headshot

Tim Peake

Soldier, Pilot, Parent,

Mark Arrigotti Headshot

John Dickson

Former CPO of AstraZeneca,
Rolls-Royce & Heinz

Ingrid Van Valkenburg

Ingrid Van Valkenburg

Senior Director Global Deployment

Laetitia Johnson Headshot

Laetitia Johnson

VP Global Operations Excellence

Edward Collis Headshot

Edward Collis


Asha Kumari Headshot

Asha Kumari

Global Head of Treasury Operations

Philip Soderberg Headshot

Philip Soderberg

Global Head of Procurement and Vendor Management

Cemal-Ezel Headshot

Cemal Ezel

Change Please

Michael-Schanker Headshot

Michael Schanker

SVP, Strategic Marketing

Tracks Built for You

Whether you’re an executive or a practitioner, and whether you work in finance, supply chain, treasury, procurement, or IT, Inspire has an experience tailored for you.


Business Spend Management for Visibility, Scale and Control

Hear from Coupa’s customer community and product teams about using Business Spend Management to ensure spend visibility, support a scaling business and drive control and compliance throughout the spend lifecycle.

Professional Growth in BSM

Inspirational Sessions for Spend professionals providing practical examples, knowledge and frameworks for personal and team empowerment.



Coupa customers and product teams share inspiring stories and insights into cash management best practices, liquidity planning and synergies between treasury, finance, and procurement.

Risk, Resilience and Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Coupa customers and product teams share inspiring stories and insights into building resilience, dealing with risk, and addressing increasing regulation and ESG goals through cross functional collaboration.


Journeys of Digital Transformation with BSM

Highlights the Business and Digital Transformation stories of senior leaders from across the Coupa Community. Learn to fuel your own transformation success and leverage spend to boost operational performance.



The Spendsetters Awards

Coupa customers are revitalising their organisations’ processes in ways that make their companies stronger, smarter, and safer.

The Spendsetters Awards recognise our customers’ use of Coupa technology to unleash the power of spend. Award categories represent the underlying value delivered from leading spend management practices, including the industry’s top trending use cases — ESG / sustainability / DEI, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), supply chain design, and more.


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