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BSM Spendsetter Spotlight

[EN] Partner session - Deloitte: ‘Seven deadly sins’ of Digital Procurement Implementations




What are the ‘seven deadly sins’ of digital procurement implementations and how can you navigate them on your own programs? Join Deloitte as we explore some of the common mistakes organisations make including:

1. Pride: Don’t be too proud to ask for help in navigating the transformation journey.

2. Envy: Think the competition is doing everything right? Think again!

3. Gluttony: Don’t try to do everything at once. Phase your programs.

4. Lust: You are destined to fail if you implement the latest technology before your people and processes are ready!

5. Anger: Defuse the ticking time bomb in your user base.

6. Greed: Trying to do too much with too little will likely end up costing you more!

7. Sloth: The transformation journey is extremely rewarding but it takes work!

This session will appeal to procurement leaders at all stages of the journey.